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Livelihood and Economic Development


SJA has over 25 years of experience implementing food security and livelihood programs across various initiatives. The livelihood program was integrated as a crosscutting issue to address unmet needs and foster alternative livelihood opportunities. SJA focused on enhancing knowledge and skills through training in networking and soft skills support, conducting market analysis to identify potential opportunities and existing markets, providing training to female beneficiaries on homestead gardening, including seed support in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Extension, and training on local techniques for safe food storage.

Efforts were made to link the job market with local production, expanding food and handicraft markets to improve food security and nutrition sustainably. No specialized human resources were utilized by SJA for this project. Project staff received training on developing and implementing cost-effective food security and livelihood programs in collaboration with others. SJA’s innovations included collaborating with government and non-governmental organizations (GO/NGOs) to access resources for skill-building training, materials, and business startup support.