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SJA Policy

In order to better practice, transparency and accountability the organization has developed a set of Policy/manuals and guidelines these are:

i. Personnel Management and Employment Regulations Policy-SJA (HR Policy);
ii. Financial Management and Operational System Manual;
iii. Procurement Policy and Procedures;
iv. Standard Operational Procedures (SOP);
v. Child Protection Policy;
vi. Gender Policy;
vii. Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control Policy;
viii. Guideline of Anti-Terrorism;
ix. Monitoring and Evaluation Guideline;
x. Information Technology (IT) User Guideline;
xi. Ethical Characteristics of Sylhet Jubo Academy (SJA);
xii. Vehicle Maintenance Guideline;
xiii. Assessment and monitoring tools for SJA capacity building;
xiv. Personnel savings and safety funds;
xv. Strategic Plan 2014-19;
xvi. Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)- Policy