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Environmental Protection and WASH


SJA has more than 20 years of experience in WASH sector. At the very beginning, SJA had been implemented WASH sector program with the support of NGO-Forum and UNICEF. Later-on from 2006 to 2012 with the support of WaterAid. SJA had been implemented two projects under the Advancing Sustainable Environmental Health (ASEH) program namely Community Participated Sustainable Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Project AND Enhancing Environmental Health by Community Organization. The aims of both projects were to

(i) ensure access to safe water supply and sanitation options;
(ii) maintain and continual use of safe water supply and sanitation facilities along with sustainable hygiene practices;
(iii) built the capacity of users, formal and informal institutions to promote.

SJA has implemented two WASH projects “Community Participated Safe Water Project” in two districts where more than 2000 STWs have been installed. SJA enhanced community participation under the concept of “for the people and with the people” which is one of the major innovations of this project to make it more cost-effective.

  • – Community Participated Safe Water Project 700 wells at Sylhet & Moulvibazar Disticts
  • – Community Participated Safe Water Project (Installation of 700 STWs) at Rajnagar, Fenchugonj, Zakiganj, South Surma and Sylhet Sadar of Moulvibazar & Sylhet districts
  • – Installation of 200 STWs, Rajnagar, Moulvibazar
  • – Constructions of 24 Wells as part of the community participated safe water project at Rajnagar & South Surma
  • – Community Participated Safe Water Project installation of 200 wells; at Rajnagar & South Surma Upazila
  • – Thirst Relief installation of 60 STW & 13 DTW installation Balagonj, Jaintapur, South Surma & Sylhet Sadar
  • – Thirst Relief installation of 150 wells, at Zakiganj and Sylhet Sadar
  • – Safe Water Project, installation of 50 STW & 10 DTW at Sunamgonj, Barisal & Bagerhat districts
  • – Safe water project, Chatak, Biswanath & Sylhet Sadar of Sunamgonj and Sylhet Districts
  • – SAFE WATER Project at Fatikchary, South Surma, Gowainghat and Golapgonj Upazila of Chittagong & Sylhet
  • – Enhancing Environmental Health by Community Organization Project, at Jaintiapur
  • – Community Participate Sustainable Water Hygiene and sanitation project at Jaintiapur
  • – Sanitation Project UNICEF at Balagonj and Biswanath
  • – Social foresty with the support of Divisional Forest Office Sylhet