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Child Protection & Early Childhood Development

Sylhet Jubo Academy (SJA)’s work is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC); SJA is committed to ensuring the fulfillment of children’s rights including their rights to protection. SJA is committed to protecting children from harm and ensuring children’s right to protection under Article 19 of the UNCRC is fully realized. We take seriously our responsibility to promote child safe practices and protect children from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation in any form. In addition, we will take positive action to prevent those who abuse children from becoming involved with SJA and take stringent measures against any SJA staff, SJA Associates, SJA visitors, or SJA managers who abuse a child. Our decisions and actions in response to Child protection concerns and breaches of SJA developed child protection which is guided by the principle of ‘the best interests of the child’. To make children aware of their development, protection and rights SJA regularly celebrating World Children’s Day and Children Rights Week. Under this sector SJA has implemented and been implementing various projects, these are:

  •  Pre-primary Education for Slum Children in Sylhet
  •  Khasdobir Education, Welfare and Development Project
  •  Low-cost School for the Deprived Poor Children of Tea Garden Sylhet
  •  Orphan Child Sponsorship
  •  Inclusive Protection and Empowerment Project for Children with Disabilities (IPEP)
  •  Pre-primary Education (PROTEEVA)
  •  Eradication of Hazardous Child Labor
  •  Removing Cultural Barriers and Promoting Rights of Children with Disabilities (RCBPRCYD) Project
  •  Early Childhood Development Support Program – Bangladesh
  •  Deaf in Literacy & Rights Academy (DILARA)
  •  Promoting an Inclusive Environment for Deaf Children and Youths
  •  Community-Based Rehabilitation Program for Children with Disabilities
  •  Non-formal Primary Education