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Humanitarian emergency response

SJA has more than 25 years of experience of providing humanitarian support especially to the affected poor victims of natural disasters and climate change (extreme cold season). Under this humanitarian aid support, SJA successfully implemented a good number of projects (organize satellite clinics, relief material distribution, post-flood rehabilitation, built safe latrine, installed tube-well, built shelter, provide agriculture seed, etc.), supported by AusAID, CIDA, DFID, WaterAid, MC-UK, Penny Appeal UK, Friends of Khasdobir-UK etc. In recent past few years, SJA successfully responded to the massive disaster and extreme cold, like Rice 4 Life project that provides 46000 kgs of rice to 1150 families, Emergency response to flood-affected victims, Winter Campaign in Sylhet and Chittagong divisions ensured live-saving materials and nutritious food supplement. During the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we all are gravely concerned by this situation since the daily lives, health and wellbeing of all the people are badly affected and day by day the situation was worsted and this result in major hindrances by aggressively putting more people into poverty, and another setback for the country was to address the economic crisis which leads to hunger and starvation. In this situation, SJA came forward voluntarily with its own resources in April’20 has implemented a number of interventions (collaboration and concern of the district administration of Sylhet, Chattagram & Cox’s Bazar) to address on health crisis & mass awareness campaign on how to protect from COVID-19, Quarantine & Social distancing were van campaign/miking, information board displayed in 10 crowded public places, setting up handwashing facilities for the mass population and distributed of precautionary materials like a face mask, soap, hand sanitizers and provided family food packs to the 300 low-income poor. Later on, with the external support SJA responds with comprehensive efforts in two specific areas (i) Provide food supplements to control starvation and (ii) Provide preventive care for healthy living among the 450 low-income families during to the pandemic period. Also, all of SJA’s pre-primary education kids were provided nutritious food and health precautionary materials accordingly from the respective projects. Under this humanitarian response and disaster & risk reduction program SJA’s implemented projects are:
  •  Covid-19 Humanitarian Response
  •  Help Poor to get food during Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh
  •  Emergency Response;
  •  Rice 4 Life
  •  Winter Campaign
  •  Charity Gift, Winter Campaign & Thirst Relief Project
  • Post Flood Rehabilitation Programme
  • Rehabilitation in Flood ffected Area
  • Emergency Flood Relief
  • Provides PPE, food for female sex workers and their children.

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